Wax Hair Removal Services in Montreal

Waxing is another method to remove unwanted hair from the body. This procedure can be performed on different parts of the body. The staff at ARABELLA CENTER will make sure to schedule an appointment so that they can check whether the areas to be waxed are in the stage to be waxed. As in waxing the hair should be of a certain length to be waxed off. Again the new hair will not emerge back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see re-growth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle. Schedule an appointment at ARABELLA CENTER if you are looking for a good place for Wax hair removal in Montreal.

Wax hair removal Services in Montreal

Services We Offer

We offer the waxing services that you can actually depend on. With the procedure of waxing it will allow you to cut down the hair removing procedures to once or twice a month as compared to the daily use of razors and other hair removing creams and chemicals. At ARABELLA CENTER we offer different types of hair removal and shaping services, including eyebrow arching, lip hair removal, leg and bikini waxing, and other required services. Contact us today if you are in a need of a professional Wax hair removal in Montreal services.

Our Waxing Procedure

We do use different types of waxes depending on what area to be waxed. It can be soft or hard wax and in the procedure, it is spread over your skin and a piece of cloth or a specific type of paper strip is pressed against the skin and quickly ripped off which removes the hair from their roots on that specific area of the skin. By repeating this process, your whole body can get rid of all unwanted hair which will give you a silky smooth feel. The re-growing of the new hair will take about a month or so according to the person’s hair growth cycle and so on. With our Wax hair removal in Montreal, all your requirements can be met in a comfortable manner and our team make sure to meet our client’s satisfaction.

No matter which area of the body you are planning to remove the hair like, your eyebrows, chin, upper lip, legs, arms or even a bikini wax, you can rely on our services for waxing at ARABELLA CENTE. We recommend waxing for women as compared to shaving; waxing is much better as hair growth is thinner while shaving can cause hair to grow faster and thicker. So if you are planning to find a good and reliable place for waxing then schedule an appointment with us right now.  Arabella Beauty House provides premier waxing and provides the waxing, legs waxing and Wax hair removal in Montreal. Visit now & book an Appointment Online!

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