Eyebrow Threading Services in Montreal

One of the most widely used and most preferred ways to shape up your eyebrows is to thread them, and it is one of the best ways to shape, trim and groom the eyebrows… is to thread them. At ARABELLA CENTER we thread eyebrow hair away from roots using our specialized Eyebrow threading Montreal technique and pure cotton threads. When it comes, the shape of the eyebrows our most preferred one is to go for the most powerful eyebrow shape is to follow your natural bone formation as it amplifies and emphasizes the natural facial symmetry and aesthetics.

What is Threading?

Threading is the art of temporarily removing unwanted facial hair using 100 percent cotton yarn. The yarn can remove a whole line of hair at once, resulting in clean skin without the unwanted hairs. This smooth and precise technique can be used on other facial regions other than eyebrows. This method allows our staff and the aestheticians to have more in shaping eyebrow exactly to your liking. Another great benefit of threading is that it can be used on any skin type. There are no harmful chemicals used in Eyebrow threading Montreal so people with sensitive skin can be worry-free.

Eyebrow threading Services

Our highly experienced staff at ARABELLA CENTER; provide beauty services tailored to your requirements. They can work on any types of eyebrow shapes ranging from shapeless eyebrows, thin eyebrows, or unruly eyebrows. For women who would like to pursue a more natural beauty, eyebrow threading is a good choice for them as there is no use of harmful products. At ARABELLA CENTER our clients get so used to our staff that if once they do their eyebrows done with us they will always come back to us for their Eyebrow threading Montreal.

It doesn’t hurt that much

One of the biggest fears for most of the women is the pain; while getting the eyebrows done. For the clients whom might be trying the procedure for the very first time does experience certain pain but as you get used to it, the clients might not feel the pain that intense as the very first time. As in this process, every single hair is being plucked out from the root, which causes the pain. Our team at ARABELLA CENTER is trained in a certain way and the techniques that they use, that you will feel the least possible pain while getting done your eyebrows by threading.

So if you are in a need to groom and shape up your eyebrows contact us today and book your appointment with us. Once you will have your eyebrows done at ARABELLA CENTER you will always make us your only choice. Hurry we are just a call away. We at Arabella Beauty House are Montreal’s premier makeup salon, we have specialists for eyebrow threading Montreal. Contact us for more info!

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