Manicure Services in Montreal

At ARABELLA CENTER we not only clean and shape the nails to the ultimate perfection. In the process, we also include a scrub that instantly exfoliates and softens skin, a relaxing massage, and completing it with nail polish. Nothing says perfectly groomed better than beautiful skin, meticulous cuticles and the healthiest nails, and that is why our services are the Best manicure Montreal. 

Manicure Services in Montreal

Our Manicure Service

In our process of manicure, we provide deep moisturizing, gradual exfoliation and the most refined attention to detail. We use a special hand mask to tone and tighten the skin, finishing with essentials oils to smooth the skin.  We provide our clients with a wide range to choose from our lacquer shades and long-lasting gel finishes, which is then carefully applied by our expert nail technicians. ARABELLA CENTER is the right choice if you are in a search of Best manicure Montreal. All our treatments are designed to promote good health and well being. With the regular manicure sessions, you will notice the health of your fingernails promoting faster growth and maintaining well-moisturized cuticles. Our team makes sure to spend the extra time while delivering the services and apply only high-quality products and ingredients to ensure the best results.

Benefits of Manicure

  • Improved circulation During the manicure, you receive a relaxing and a rejuvenating massage of the hands which helps to improve blood circulation and improves mobility for the joints. 
  • It improves the health of your nails   With the regular sessions of manicure the chances of infections and fungal diseases reduce, and if there are any signs and indication of the infection you can surely treat it in the early stages.
  • Keeps hands and feet smooth and softWith the regular manicures, it will enhance the moisture in your skin and keep them from having dry and rough skin. You will notice and feel the difference during the treatment as our services are the Best manicure Montreal. Having these treatments done from a professional salon will surely provide you with the benefits. Being in the industry for several years we have got the experience and the expertise and our team really knows their job very well.

So what are you waiting to schedule an appointment with us today, and we will be happy to deliver our services to you. In Arabella Beauty House, The best manicure Montreal is a perfect mix of polish artistry, a relaxing environment and attentive care. Contact us today!

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